2004 2006 Aprilia RS250 Fairing Kit

2004 2006 Aprilia RS250 Fairing Kit

Model: Aprilia RS250
Year: 2004-2006
Details: Produced from High grade ABS plastic
Shipping Times: 20-25 Working days
Product ID: 3606

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Press Moulded Fairing Kit
Press moulded fairing kits are produced by compressing a hot sheet of ABS plastic into a mould under high pressure.

Once the sheet has been pressed all mounting points are then manually welded onto the panels and the mounting holes are drilled using a jig. Due to the production method the mounting points and holes may have slight location variations as opposed to an genuine fairing kit panels.

Our press moulded kits are accurate to within about 95% of the original panels spacing and fitting.

For many older motorbikes, press kits are often all that's available unless the motorbike is a very popular model of bike. We only have press moulded kits for sale where no Injection moulded kit is available.

Durability & Types of Plastic Used
All our kits are produced using top quality ABS plastic. Due to the high grade of ABS plastic used during production our kits are flexible and able to withstand anything encountered in the normal day to day operation of your motorcycle.

Quality of Paint Finish
The finish of our aftermarket fairing kits is of a high standard with the majority of our customers being very happy with the finish of the kits.

The inner panels surfaces often contain overspray but these are not seen as they face the inside of the bike. All outer facing panels are fully finished to a high standard.

As should be expected the finish is not as detailed as a concour's ready showbike, however these kits cost a fraction of the price of a top quality paint job, and about a quarter of the price of OEM genuine panels. They are great value for money.

Are Decals Included?
All kits come with all the decals as shown in the product image of the kit you choose. The decals are placed on the fairing kit during production after the initial paint has been applied. The painted panels, including the decals, are then glossed over using a final coat of clear in the final production stages.

This process protects the decals and ensure's your new fairing kit will look great for many years to come.

Color Match Compared to Genuine Panels
The colors shown on our website's sample 'fairing kit' pictures are not 100% what you will see when your kit arrives. The colors are approximate colors with the actual paint colors being within about 98% of an original OEM fairing colors.

If your looking for an exact fairing color match for your tank you will need to either buy an unpainted kit and then have it painted, or paint your tank to match the kit once it arrives. Painting your tanks to match the final kit color is always the more affordable option.

Fitting this Fairing Kit
Because these kits are press moulded they require more effort to fit, and require more expertise on your part if you decide to fit them yourself. However with a little effort and the skilled use of a few common tools these fairing's can soon be fitted to your bike.

With some of these type of fairing kits you will have to tidy the mounting points, where they have been released from the mould. This small job can usually be done with a small file, drill and sandpaper. its also sometimes necessary to add extra screws and backing plates to ensure a good fit of these types of kits.

There are a number of different types of screws and fittings used to fit fairing kits, and some may differ from the original ones that came with your motorbikes original fairing's.

Its important to have a reasonable level of technical ability, before attempting to fit your own fairing. We highly recommend having your ABS road fairing's fitted by a licensed professional motorbike workshop.

Fairing solutions will not accept returns where you are unable to fit a fairing kit due to inexperience with motorbike panels and their fitment.

Accident Damaged Motorbikes
Be aware if your bike has been dropped or involved in an accident often the front and rear sub frames become slightly bent and out of line. If your bike's been dropped, fitting a fairing kit will be more difficult, or impossible, because the holes and mounting points will no longer align correctly.

What's Supplied
All fairing kits come complete with the following:

  • Painted including decals
  • Complete with all panels shown in the product image
  • A free screen
  • Basic heat shielding
  • Inner fill panels where shown in kit image
  • pre-Drilled holes

Be aware all inner fill panels generally are not a perfect fit, because of this they should be used only when the original ones are not available. None of our kits come with bolt kits. The images below are examples of inner fill panels.

Note: Fairing bolts are not supplied as part of the fairing kit.

Heat Shielding
Basic heat shielding is supplied with all kits however its your own responsibility to use extra heat shielding in any areas where excessive heat occurs.

These areas include around:

  • Exhaust Silencers
  • Exhaust Headers
  • Engine Casings

This is especially important if you have added a modified or aftermarket exhaust system to your motorbike. Fairing Solutions will not replace kits that are heat damaged due to insufficient heat shielding.

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